This is it! This is the first song we ever made called “Triangulum”. First off, I cannot remember what that frequency is at the very beginning of the track. What I used to make this song was a Microkorg and an Alesis SR-16 drum machine. That’s pretty much it. I recorded the vocals myself. A bunch of layers of voices chanting “triangle”. Then I reversed one vocal to get that weird chant that’s over the whole song. It’s not very well produced, at all. I was just barely starting to understand electronic music.

When I first met one of my band members, he was obsessed with freemasons and triangles. I had an old National Geographic map of the stars in my room and remember seeing the Triangulum constellation on it. That’s where the name of the song comes from. Anyways, my band member was interested in triangles so I made this song for him. This is also the first song I made as Salacious Wizard Cult after we all decided to start making music. I made this to show them that I was serious about making an album.

I remember watching Eyes Wide Shut around this time. The weird cult ritual scene was the most beautiful thing I’d seen. It was just so creepy and weird and you could feel this huge mystery within the film. I was interested in recreating that feeling. I guess what really inspires me is art that gives off this vibe of having some secret behind it. Some element of the story that the artist had hidden within the work. I don’t know, I guess that’s what “art” is?

I was very obsessed with making albums. Back in 2011, all I wanted to do was make albums. A song wasn’t good enough. One song was only part of a complete story. Our band needed a lot of songs. We made about 23 songs in 4 months.

Now, I would say albums are one of the powerful storytelling mediums. Being able to convey emotions without any words was easy for me. I’m not very good at expressing myself in words. (Which is why I’m making this blog!)

We have over 100 songs now so I’m going to keep uploading every day, hopefully.  Let me know if there’s anything else you want to know about this song, or me.

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